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Relational Mindfulness and Skillful Conversations 

  • Access Centered and Flexible Presence at will
  • Create Conversations of Clarity, Dignity, Honor and Ease
  • Minimize Judgment. Increase Curiosity and Emotional Agility
  • Live in your own Integrity, Confidence and Compassion
  • Learn the essential elements and results of the effective request and powerful promises  

Sudden Calm, Sudden Clarity

  • The prerequisites to sustain personal and relational well-being with ease
  • On the spot interruptions to habitual emotions and thoughts
  • Creation of habitual mindfulness patterns in the brain

Delight Not Diet
  • Relax the Struggle and enjoy an Italian mindful approach
  • Have your cake. And eat it too as I do

Choose Your Mood - Relax with Emotions

  • A simple and fun approach to access and strengthen your emotional agility
  • Beyond the limitations of an affirmation or a positive pretense 

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Mindfulness and ADD 

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