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Relax into the Sweet and Vibrant Life
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                                                  Break through to the Sweet Life                                        


Alive   Clear   Authentic   Skillful  




Through simple on-the-spot centering, we are always capable of

clear thinking which allows us to lighten up and access our intelligence 

Teleclasses and In-Person Workshops

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  • Catch your habitual stunts before they obliterate your intelligence and health.
  • Access your intelligence. Build skills where it matters.  
  • Make a habit of Centered presence, Contentment, Creativity and Authentic Skillfulness  
Lighten Up and Stop Struggling, even when You're Struggling  

What to Expect

  • Simple - Profound - Relevant - Actionable
  • Tools for Powerful Impact, on-the-spot Action and Personal Integrity
  • Antidotes to Pure Analytic Thinking, Freaking Out and (Shaming) Beating on Yourself
  • Centered Presence made easy 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Agility 

  • Based in Neuroscience and Catering to Your Personal Relevance 
  • Increase Neural Integration - Train your brain 

    Stop trying to be perfect and bring forth your personal brilliance      

  A few 1-pagers worth reading 


Would you like to offer a workshop on-site or via tele-conference for your organization, church or club? 


I welcome a conversation 

                 Workshops and individual coaching make generous, life-enhancing gifts.