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Clients are saying -


"This is by far the most beneficial coaching I have ever had" Wendy F


"I have worked with Mia on 3 different issues. She has been incredibly intuitive about the causes and has helped me to reach positive outcomes. Mia has great listening skills and is the most intuitive, knowledgeable and effective counselor/coach with whom I've ever worked." 

Pat B, hospital provider


“It is always nice to hear you speak because you know your field so well.” Carol.D, Human Resources 


“I have experienced changes to my life; new thoughts and approaches to how I do things. applicability to all facets of life, personal and professional. Please keep offering this class – it was very helpful!”   I.P. 


“Dear Mia, after one session, I was able to have the necessary communications, and boy is that a weight off! I felt more at ease than I had previously expected to. You are a great asset to our hospital!” Mary C, Hospital dietician

Working with your coaching helped me slow down and be part of what was happening.

My hat's off to anyone that can think - run their life at mach 8 - that's not me.

My thoughts went to Captain Phil Harris, "Deadliest Catch". (Paraphrasing) 

"You can make your life happen, you can watch your life happen or, at the end, say what the hell happened!"

I hope I can be part of my life and not only a spectator. I felt I was…and experienced. Chris Greso


"...I greatly appreciate the way you taught class. The enthusiasm you displayed and the way you were willing to work with individuals (especially me) on their particular needs and desires." Larry, G