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Delight Not Diet  
Relax the Struggle Permanently with Mindfulness- Based Coaching
A telephone workshop

Temporary vs. Sustainable Habits of Well-being. Click to read   

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"Mia’s coaching has been life-changing for me.

Mia introduced mindfulness techniques that slowed down my cravings and brought perspective to my life.        

More than that, I experienced compassion toward myself in ways that were brand new.

The cravings have left. Thank you, Mia." LS, Seattle


"Mia, I lost 8 lbs this month, without even trying." TB, Seattle 

Would you prefer to start now with Individual Phone Sessions and Email Support

    Share them with a friend(s), split the cost and benfit from structured group support.  

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Erase the Battle between Should and Wanna   

Bring a Light-hearted, Respectful Attention to Your Body and Create Ease where Struggle Lives 


Create habits that stick, without the typical battles 

Integrate Applied Mindfulness practices for lasting calm, self-tenderness and joy of eating 


Apply a simple tool that halts habitual eating and craving - gently and intuitively


  • One month of individual coaching is available to participants at a reduced rate, 
  •          to support you in this fresh start of lasting well-being
  • I support ongoing post-workshop group conversations by phone


Would you like to be contacted about start dates or free classes?  Have questions?  Click here 


"I am in better overall health and more fit." Mary B, Bellevue


"I greatly appreciate the way you taught class, the enthusiasm you displayed and

the way you were willing to work with individuals (especially me)

on their particular needs and desires." Larry H, Bellevue