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 Don't ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive,

Because what the world needs is people who have come...




 Howard Thurman 

Today's 5 minute Read - Create Dignity, Clarity and Understanding where Conflict lies 


Courageous Conversations

Professional Coaching reflects the standards of International Coach Federation. The ICF accredits coaching schools and certifies coaches who demonstrate quality coaching and a leap in client self-mastery. See more 
In partnership with a qualified and resourceful coach who cares deeply and who enters your world in respect, curiosity and dedication, you will...  See more  
La Dolce Vita Coaching & Training builds the 3 aspects of intelligence needed for new habits to take a seat in your brain.See more
The work is based in current neuroscience, applied mindfulness and an esteemed coach model.   

My experience of the work of Mia Barbera was a marvelous integration of practical and insightful tools... a powerful way to look at an issue, and create  a deeply personal solution. Using clear and simple categories, Mia guided me in the concrete change of a long standing habit of behavior, attitude and thought patterns. The tools she presents can become a template for personal growth in any arena."   R. Ross,Business Owner, Seattle    

Enjoy a free sample below  
Understand temporary vs. sustainable well-being and self-mastery. 
Read a brief article, join a phone conversation or request a free chat.  

       La Dolce Vita         The finest in Coach Cuisine 


Our services are prepared with the freshest research, 
Each conversation and training is seasoned with genuine lightness, play and provocation 

*Many individual and group conversations are by phone in the comfort of your personal space         


 Break through to the Sweet Life

Antipasti - Free for our customers

The Luscious Facts on why your brain needs help, served in several super short articles     Click Here
Introductory, Provocative Tele-classes  Sample the transformational cuisine and talk with the coach 

 Prima - The Sweet Life begins

-Savor the delectable outcome and skills you are longing for, in a Workshop Series   Click here

    Seconda - The main course

    Success through Personal Coaching
    Become your own genie. Experience the richness of your wisdom and the integration of the particular skills you need. -Stop struggling sooner rather than later. Contact me for details.   

    Vino - Items are paired with the well-aged vintage of Mindfulness blends
Instantaneously soothing and uplifting with a centered finish   Click for a recent mindbending selection


Dolci - Add the aesthetics of sanity with Moments of Sanity cards

Click for one month of free samples to spread the sanity and lightness around

I work internationally by phone and on site. 425-392-8538