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A rest for the chaos of monkey mind      A return to what matters

This is your moment to be in service of your brain, health and emotional intelligence  
Please take 1-5 minutes to focus slowly on your breath and/or on the quote

To focus on the quote, silently and slowly repeat the quote several times with no purpose. 
Notice what occurs, if anything: Impatience, Patience, Boredom, Insight, A Change of Emotion or Body....   
Daily practice is helpful. 5 times/day is a great mindfulness practice

We’re not fixed in who we are. The wring of our brain is not fixed; It is adaptive throughout the lifespan. We can change how we respond to life’s slings and arrows.

We can take responsibility by intentionally engaging certain kinds of thoughts, feeling and practice to cultivate kindness and choose reactions. Small efforts make a difference.

We are close to a tipping point where the evidence is so compelling that mental exercise is beginning to be seen as essential, in the same way that it became evident that physical exercise is  critical for well-being.

 Richard Davidson, PhD, Neuroscientist.
Named one of the most 100 influential people in the world, by Time magazine