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          "It is a sad and beautiful world"           

Italian Oscar winner - La vita e bella (Life is beautiful), Roberto Benigni   


When I am attentive, and willing to suspend my beliefs and opinions for a moment,

every encounter becomes my classroom, every person a teacher.


My work is a marriage of my history and my dedication to serve in the

very best way I can. I have been extremely privileged to have learned

from great teachers, starting with my Italian family with whom

I loved, laughed, cried, danced, sang and savored food and beauty.


As a child, my mother taught me to waltz.

In her final stages of dementia, I led her in a waltz.  




This was a great teaching -

To dance, which I continue with great passion,

And to learn to offer what seems to be

the most generous gift for a particular moment.


Two of my most powerful teachers from the last decade - 


Julio Olalla, founder of the International Coach Federation accredited Newfield Network -

 International schools of Ontological Life and Organizational Coaching, 

Co-founder of the International Coach Federation, 

Coach and partner of world leaders, 

Change agent for business and relationship models around the world.


A passionate and brilliant Chilean man who,

through his determination, open heart and curious mind, 

has offered his intelligence to actively serve humanity and to teach us to do the same,


...and who taught me how to dance without needing to know the steps

"I am always inspired, deepened,and cheered by working with the Newfield Network.

They don't just talk about inter-relatedness or systems thinking or creativity. They live it!"   

Meg Wheatley. PhD, Global leader. Professor of Organizational Behavior

Author: Perseverance, A Simpler Way, The New Science of Leadership



Students of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the foundeof Shambhala Meditation Centers;

Their wisdom, humor,and compassionate actions gained by study,

and the practice of doing nothing with great intention.



I invite you to your brilliant, discerning and uplifted self.  Mia Angela


The first dance is on me. 




"Live life to the point of Tears," Albert Camus 


"Lord, there is a big devil called Discouragement. We ask you to send him away because he is bothering us." Haitian prayer