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Organizational Well-Being - Employee Well-Being

Presentations, workshops, training and coaching are co-designed based on your needs. 
Clients include hospitals and medical clinics, school districts, cities, small business, 
community groups, teams, departments and individuals in organizations
For a list of previous topics, letters of recommendation 
and a sample of clients, please email me.
The Power of Words  1.5 minutes

Organizational Well-Being

Most organizations seek a culture of -

Trust, Collaboration, Integrity, Innovation 
And an engaged, vital and skillful workforce committed to a shared purpose.
How do we invite these personal and collective qualities
 in a group of diverse human beings with varied needs, views, struggles and styles?

How do we work with emotions? How do emotions affect capacity and possibilities? 

How do we build a culture of organizational well-being that also includes employee well-being?
 Are these the questions you're asking?

From the point of view of this work, fundamental distinctions and practices
have only begun to replace traditional views and learning  
Employee Well-Being

Sustainable Well-Being in the Broadest Sense - The Brain Body Boogie 

A learning experience that is Simple and Profound, 

Targeted toward what matters to you, Light-Hearted, Provocative and Experiential, 

And more of an adventure than a struggle against your nature.

The Art and Science of Creating Sustainable New Ways of thinking, feeling, 
deciding and interacting is based in brain science and integrative models of learning. 

The impact of this work emerges from the intersection of -

  • Applied mindfulness that triggers calm, creativity, resilience, inter-connectedness, clarity and insight
  • Relational Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
  • The ICF-Accredited Ontological Model of Coaching and Learning
  • Skill-Play©
  • Courageous and Conscious Conversations, based in the work of Fernando Flores and Julio Olalla. Skillful, authentic conversations produce trust and allow innovation.   
  • Contemplative and affective brain science and neuroplasticity - 
  • Concrete methods to predictably access intelligence over habits and prevent brain-drain  
  • A Client-Centered Approach. Applying the particular skills and methodologies that will create the biggest and most sustainable bang for your organization 


Let's discern whether I can serve your greatest need.