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We each need great honesty of introspection

and wise guidance from teachers to find our own skillful path.


Joseph Goldstein


"Mia is adept at walking me through the process and still leaving me in charge. 

Her process was gentle and powerful, resulting in a visceral experience

and clarity of expression that was mine, not hers."   N.D.


We all have ways of blocking ourselves from the behaviors, thoughts,

feelings and goals we aspire to. Stop separating yourself from the life 

you want and your inherent strengths. Bring forward the resourcefulness,

creativity and confidence that already exists. 

The first step is the skill that snaps you into calm and clarity.

The skill is mindfulness.  

Mindfulness is not the attempt to "clear your mind".

It is the skill of relaxed clarity that allows you to choose with ease and contentment,

in the midst of unpredictability and chaos, inside and out - the stuff of everyday life.


Without clarity, and relaxation from worry or aggression, how can we possibly access our intelligence? We remain stuck in automatic habits; the same exact ones every time; the exact same sequence of nerves firing in our brain. Habits are solid until you apply simple strategic skillfulness. and the shutter opens to a moment of sanity 

After a lifetime in the field of behavior and lifestyle change, I was grateful to have been trained in the ontological coaching model. It is an model of discovery and action that penetrates and changes habits, and which allows us to move toward a lively and inspired life. I have had the privledge to complete a degree program, continuing education, mentoring and certification with an international school to which some of the most skilled, experienced and motivated coaches and consultants come, to increase their effectiveness in facilitating higher functioning in systems and individuals, while creating a gentler, calmer and more powerful human experience.
I offer coaching and skill development in any area of life that has captured you in a cycle of frustrating patterns. With my experience in medical wellness, stress management and business, one of my areas of expertise is healthy lifestyle coaching for individuals and organizations. Diet and exercise are important, but the ability to sustain your healthy choices with ease and contentment is the big ticket item. This is the domain of transformative, integrated change that makes new behaviors natural part of your nature. 

"I have worked with Mia on 3 different issues. She has been incredibly intuitive about the causes and has helped me to reach positive outcomes. Mia has great listening skills and is the most intuitive, knowledgable and effective counselor/coach with whom I've ever worked." PB, hospital provider 

Clients typically choose coaching packages, though sessions can be purchased in single sessions. Phone coaching is common, so there is no need to travel.

I invite you to email or call me for a free 45 minute phone consult to decide if the process and our relationship will catapult you to your desination. You will gain insightful, new tools and knowledge and the opportunity to invest in taking your life up an octave. 
                                      Mia Angela Barbera, M.S., ICF Certified Coach


"Building up confidence and joy in your own richness is the essence of generosity."  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche