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Savor the wisdom

Scroll to the bottom for a 7 minute 
aesthetic impossibility 
of mindful art  

Mia's one-pagers

On Conversations

Next to air for our survival. 
An overlooked critical skill.
An opportunity to reduce resentment and discontent and foster trust, respect & care.

Terri, a top organizational coach, gifted my coaching school with her wisdom and leadership for 9 years. 
Bob Dunham, Institute for Generative Leadership, works in collaboration with my alma mater, the founder of which is Julio Olalla from Chile, the co-creator of the ontological coaching model.  

The Speed of Trust, a book by Stephen M.R. Covey
Other Resources

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Guidance on mindfulness meditation, guided meditations and 2 talks per week

7 joyful minutes on Happiness  and more film shorts, from Soul Biographies 
Artistic, relevant, thought and truth-provoking films. Delivered weekly or just watch here. Free

The Pacific Northwest (USA) chapter of the Life Currency Cooperative Exchange, an Alternative Monetary System that supports a cooperative economy. The Life Currency Cooperative Exchange has hundreds of members in the USA and around the world.