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"Society Made Me Do It"

You are not alone if you struggle with stress, weight,too much to do and too little movement. Our culture makes it tough to live in balance without rushing to accomplish more than is possible, overfilling our brain, and having cravings and little addictions to escape this less than optimal human experience.  


Obesity, emotional and physical tension and lack of physical activity contribute significantly to today's health problems. The American College of Sportsmedicine (the guiding research and practice organization for scientific approaches to wellness) supports Wellness Coaching as the best method for lasting lifestyle change. 

 I can help you -
  • Use simple tools to relax at will and feel more even-tempered while maintaining an uplifted passion in your life (mindful passion).
  • Learn to bring a respectful attention to your body and truly enjoy eating in a way that moves you toward the weight you prefer. 
  • Integrate physical activity into your life with ease, and


  • Develop a life of health, movement and joyful ease that suits you
My model of wellness coaching combined with decades of guidance for weight loss, physical activity and relaxation combined with the tools I have found most effective for myself and my clients, comprise an uplifting and successful process.
People who are ready to choose healthy habits and who partner with skillful, action-oriented, compassionate guidance often achieve results they desire and develop new tendencies that sustain them.   

Please contact me for information on classes and individual coaching sessions to
  support your health and to allow you to enjoy what is important to you.