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 I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. M.C.

Mia Angela Barbera has passionately and skillfully guided clients toward a healthier and more joyful existence for decades. She coaches, speaks, writes, teaches and consults on sustaining aliveness and well-being. Clients embody the intelligence and skills that create confidence and clarity, determination and dignity, versatility, self-compassion and ease - emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially.


    • Certified Ontological Coach
    • International Coach Federation Certified Coach   
    • M.S Exercise Physiology
    • B.S. Applied Behavioral Science
    • Author and Speaker
    • Mindfulness practitioner and Applied Mindfulness Trainer
    • Conciliator, trained in Conflict Coaching and Mediation
    • Competitive Ballroom Dancer
    • American College of Sportsmedicine Certified
    • Photography, Art Institute of Chicago and Miksang


I partner with clients to walk away from a life built on habit,
And live each moment skillfully and authentically, 
as if it really matters. 
"When you intellectualize life, it will eventually come to a dead end." Suzuki Roshi



Mia's Background and Approach

Mia partners with individuals, employee wellness programs, and medical, corporate and community organizations to move through obstacles, and move gracefully toward their goals. Mia started her first Wellness Resource Center in the 1980s.


As manager, coach and trainer, Mia designs workshops, training and talks for organizations; Offers individual and group coaching, and mentors providers and managers to integrate mindfulness into their therapy, medical, coach or corporate practice. Mia provided neighborhood 

conflict coaching with the city mediation department.  

In wellness, Mia applies her combined skills and experience to sustainable well-being, as in Delight not Diet, Mindful Living, Emotional Agility and Sudden Calm Sudden Clarity. She has taught and followed research in stress management and the field of "wellness" since the 1980's and designed a hospital weight loss program.

For 15 years Mia ran the Overlake Hospital Fitness and Wellness Center in collaboration with physicians and allied health professionals, while serving as college faculty and Seattle city ergonomics consultant. Her balance and agility program was documented in the Seattle Times as was her ski school and the ski area she managed. 

Her dance instruction targets agility, confidence and presence.

In business, she developed a cross country ski area and ski school, declared one of 10 best in the country, while serving as education chairman for Professional Ski Instructors of America.

In artistry, her passion for ballroom dance competition took her to the east coast, Canada, and to Verona to study with the world champion near her family in the land of La Dolce Vita. Her photography and writing gave birth to the NW Rails To Trails guidebook and Moments of Sanity cards, while also traveling with the North American Snowsport Journalist Association.  


What matters is laughter, dance, play, mindful living and savoring aesthetics and food, while living in dedication to the interest of life-changing service to the aliveness and well-being of others. Her most prestigious dance trophy was achieved through practices of mindful passion.

 Clients are saying -


"This is by far the most beneficial coaching I have ever had" W.F.


"I have worked with Mia on 3 different issues. She has been incredibly intuitive about the causes and has helped me to reach positive outcomes. Mia has great listening skills and is the most intuitive, knowledgable and effective counselor/coach with whom I've ever worked." 

PB, hospital provider




 Professional Coaching reflects the standards of International Coach Federation. The ICF accredits coaching schools and certifies coaches who demonstrate quality coaching and a leap in client self-mastery. Coaching is the preferred methodology of the ACSM (American College of Sportsmedicine) for sustainable healthy habits. Coaching practices with ICF certification reflect these standards of training.    
In partnership with qualified and resourceful coach who cares deeply and who enters your world in respect, curiosity and dedication, you will penetrate habits and sprout wisdom where you desire and beyond. The industry of professional coaching, requires rigorous study and mentoring, certification exams and continuing education.