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Everything is Workable

Straight from this uniquely helpful workshop to your life

A series of posts from the course Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution, Diane Musho Hamilton ​

Find the book and course here

Is Everything Workable?

My body, emotions, thought cycles and instincts think not. But that's my rodent brain doing it's survival thing. 

Let's take a leap into our evolved brains. What if we trust that it is true? How would our day look and feel? 

Just for laughs, let's say Yes. Everything is workable. 

Ready to play? Go to work. Set your timer hourly to remember, "Today, everything is workable".

In your relationships, social life and private concerns, "Beep"  Remember, Everything is Workable.

Notice your thoughts, emotions and body reactions, in interactions, conflicts and imagined conflicts.Anything? Let me know hereTell me if I can post it (anonymously).

To view the course and the tiny book, click hereHint:You'll get the book for 80% retail. I'll post some blog bits to help you decide. 

Post #2 EIW

The Native Prayer of Approach

I honor your Gods, I drink at your well,

I bring an undefended heart to our meeting place,

I have no cherished outcomes

I will not negotiate by withholding, and

I am not subject to disappointment.



The Art of War

Start Victorious

I was brought close to tears when a client expressed her unpredictable experience   of relaxing into herself in joy and comfort, in the very beginning of what would normally be a struggle rarely transcended. The process of reaching the goal then became an adventure, relatively free from worry or inner conflict. She started victorious.   

On Melting 

"Imagine a snowman melting" may be the phrase that launches a mindfulness practice for children. For grown-ups, a warm bath is our snowman, a hot tub or the moment we sit back in the sun. We melt when another sits with us in simple tenderness, or listens with no answers. We begin to melt, though we don't dissolve like Mr. Snowman or the wicked witch. We can be awake and aware, even intelligent, as the heavy emotions and constrained body evaporate.        

Our bodies and emotions lay vulnerable to "the melting", as immediate as a witch and a pile of water and as delicious as melted cheese.

Enjoy Rebecca's reaction to melting and more at the Composed Domain, and Being Home.

One more thing. Melting makes space. Space allows insight and innovation, joy and compassion, less cortisol and more health. All that stuff makes for a good day.

Your inquiry is welcome, on how to melt your cheese.